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Automotive digital transformation: a system to silicon story

We are in front of the largest automotive transformation ever: cars are becoming Autonomous, Connected, green and more and more Electric and Shared (ACES). The SW-defined vehicle is taking the lead: both for product development, as well as for user experience.
The car architecture evolution calls for a new generation of sensors, radars, smart power, memories, microcontrollers and artificial intelligence chips, based on high specialized semiconductor technologies.
In this talk, we are presenting an overview of the leading-edge “system to silicon” chip development flow: state of the art chip architecture, design techniques, manufacturing and testing. An impressive but fascinating high tech engineering job at ST, one of the word-wide leading players of the automotive digital era.


Saturday 08 October

From 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm CET

Area Workshop STMicroelectronics

Pavilion F

Automotive digital transformation: a system to silicon story

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