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ASTRA, the ST solution for localizing your assets

Many industrial IoT applications are looking for asset tracking solutions across buildings, facilities and warehouses, as well as outdoor locations. Embedded multi-connectivity platforms derive location information from mixed connectivity technologies depending on the context.
ASTRA is a hardware and firmware solution which supports short and long-range connectivity like Bluetooth® Low Energy, LoRa and further proprietary protocols. The platform integrates the latest ST technology and all the necessary features for developing a complete asset tracking application: microcontrollers, NFC connectivity, secure element, GNSS module, and a complete set of environmental and motion sensors.
The power management is optimized both on hardware and firmware sides to ensure the longest battery life in real application scenarios.
The asset tracking ecosystem is end-to-end and includes a mobile app and a cloud dashboard.


Saturday 08 October

From 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm CET

Area Workshop STMicroelectronics

Pavilion F

ASTRA, the ST solution for localizing your assets

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