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The importance of human connections in a digital world

In this presentation we will discuss how groups of individuals from different backgrounds can accelerate creativity and innovation by working together.
I will talk about my journey that led me from being a physicist to an electronic engineer to being responsible for IoT ecosystem.
During this presentation I will share with you the most interesting trends in the world of technology and I will explain what I have learned in recent years and how this can be used to stimulate creativity and build communities of developers who work together in order to achieve a shared goal.

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Saturday 19 October
From 11.15 am to 11.45 am
6.STAGE6 pav. 6
The importance of human connections in a digital world

Alessandro Grande

Alessandro is an IoT ecosystem manager at Arm. Alessandro is part of a global team that focuses on driving innovation by supporting a diverse range of developers building solutions in IoT, embedded, robotics, drones, machine learning and security.

Alessandro joined Arm as an electronic engineer in 2014. After four years working as a design and validation engineer, he spent six months as an Education Specialist, equipping engineers from across the globe, with the right tools and support they needed to help students pursue a career in electronics and computer science.

Prior to joining Arm, Alessandro achieved an MSc in nuclear physics, with a focus on electronics, from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy.

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