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Educational robotics and coding for schools

This workshop aims at introducing teachers to educational robotics and discover how this discipline can be used as an educational instrument and strengthener for cross-curricolar learning at all scholastic levels.
Educational robotics allows to build and program interactive machines, integrating different subjects (mathematics, science, technology, computer science, …) and offering students the opportunity to walk through all the different phases (introduction, design, construction, discussion and report). During an educational robotics activity the students, guided by the teacher, actively work in groups in which they are involved in problem-solving activities, facilitating their sense of responsibility, their motivation and their critical and creative thinking during their pursuing of preset goals.
Educational robotics kits such as Blue-Bot, Dash & Dot, the humanoid robot Nao and LEGO Education solutions allow to experiment this new learning approach, not only In the scientific field but also on the humanistic and creative ones.


Friday 16 October

From 11.30 am to 12.30 pm CET

Room 7

Educational robotics and coding for schools

Pietro Alberti

Electronic engineer specialized in computer science and programming, Pietro Alberti was the first Italian LEGO Education Academy Teacher Trainer (as of today, he is one of the three Italians who got this title). Fond of innovation, a part from being technical director of CampuStore, for many years he has been dealing with teaching educational robotics to educators, with particular attention to icon-based visual integrated development environments designed for educational contexts. He is one of the major Italian experts on LEGO® Education MINDSTORMS, on the humanoid robot Nao and on fischertechnik automation models.

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