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Sara Vignoli_FabLab Sassari
The project starts from the opportunity to use 3d printing tools for bio-architecture, in order to bring “ a bit of Nature” in our city. These modu …
  P4 - 3D elements of nature

Istituto di Biometeorologia del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR IBIMET)
An Arduino based sensor shield called "AirQuino" has been developed, dedicated to the monitoring of air quality (Noise, Humidity ,Temperature, CO2, O3, NO2, VOC …
  I10 - AirQuino: lo scorso anno un prototipo,quest'anno una realtà

Marco Sangiorgio, Giorgio Malvezzi
Allarmino is an "all in one" professional and modular security alarm & home automation system, based on Atmel ATmega2560. Is is pin-to-pin compatible with Ardui …

Luca Agrippino, Giuseppe Arenare
It 'a prototype that illustrates, in a simplified way, the operation of an active antitheft system. The prototype detects the presence of a person inside a room …

APUANA CORPORATE - La Fabbrica Diffusa (Rete informale fra imprese apuane)
APUANA CORPORATE, a network between Apuan companies , presents Carrara marble reinterpreted in the light of new digital technologies result of an internal inves …
  P9 - APUANA CORPORATE - La fabbrica Diffusa

FieldEffect Labs
Armstrong Glove is an interactive glove that detects hand movements with 8 degrees of freedom: 3-axis accelerations, 3-axis rotations, and the movement of two f …

Roberto Benetti
A photovoltaic system is both awesome and unpredictable. Your energy bill is not so unpredictable and definitely not that awesome. Upgrade your hot shower to th …

Giulio Romeo, Pasquale Careddu
The Bioclimatic Solar Aquarium is a special tank for aquaculture, designed to be placed outdoors in way to optimize opportunity of natural light while minimizin …
  J7 - Bioclimatic Solar Aquarium

Antonio Gelfusa
It is a device that, in case of obstruction of the grid of the manhole, allows it to open up, automatically, to allow water into the sewer system. The invention …

Paolo Bonelli, Domenico Cardinale, Mauro Alfieri, gruppo FB: CoScienza Ambientale
Co-Scienza Ambientale has the purpose to design and build low cost instruments that can monitor water environment and alert to pollution events. Two instrume …
  Z8 - Co-Scienza Ambientale: strumenti per il monitoraggio degli ambienti acquatici

Luca Bernacchia, Massimo Vagnoni
Control of Things (COT) is a project that allows you to control the home automation devices from local or from internet. These devices are designed to interroga …
  P44 - Control of Things (COT)

Mario Mazzullo - Fablab Imola
This system consists of a swarm of cooperating robots for environmental monitoring and data acquisition (humidity, temperature, gas, dust, etc.) in confined are …
  P64 - Fablab Imola - Robotware - Archidron

Paolo Isabettini, Creaticity FabLab Tolentino
"Cromo" is a armchair design, the first born project in our FabLab project (and vice versa). It 's a chair with rounded shapes that has the distinction of bein …
  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

alessio gismondi, luciano bianchi
' cuoresolitario 2.0 ' is a reimagined in dresser's current realized in 2000 and designed by alessio gismondi and giuseppe cerasoli, what was a simple piece of …
  P35 - con_tatto

Marco Baruzzo
The idea of this project is to improve the 3D printing FFF tecnique modifying the printing angle between the printers vertical axis and the gravity axis; with t …
  P43 - ICTP Scientific FabLab (SciFabLab)

DEDALOS is a GNSS innovative system for static geo-physical and static monitoring; it is single frequency and low-cost. DEDALOS is useful for landslide monitori …
  I6 - DEDALOS (Distance Extended Device for Accurate Land ObservationS)

Krizia Mariani e Paolo Isabettini, Creaticity FabLab Tolentino
"Design aPeso" is a collection of products that can be made with the technologies available in the FabLabs. They are objects that can be bought to weight and yo …
  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

Fiorella Bonifacio + Smontatori
“Dismantle the TV and turn on an idea” is a creative manifestation against trash TV. It was born to make television audience develop a critical sens …
  Smonta il televisore - Dismantle the tv and turn on an idea

Colaborativa.eu & Fab Lab Limerick
For the last two years Colaborativa.eu and Fab Lab Limerick have been developing an open-source, low cost and digitally fabricated geodesic dome system. We want …
  Geodesic Pavillion - Domenico.cc Geodesic Pavilion

Hackerspace Trento
We built a radically new home automation system which not only builds a thermal model of your home, but also can be controlled reliably with just your voice.
  P71 - semplicemente innovativo

Pier Calderan
Drone equipped with propellers for underwater navigation. Equipped with camera can also be controlled from the surface. Can make beautiful underwater videoclips …
  Z3 - Drone robot subacqueo (aquabot)

A new concept of interior design auto-production. High level of personalization. Coordinate series of furniture objects that wears the multifarious aspects of n …

Marco Lattanzi Antinori - Emiliano Diaferia
Our work, even if it alludes to the concept of RE-functionalization, is very different from it: we don’t want to recycle a product finding a possible new …
  P27 - Elettroevoluzione

Carlo Emiliano e Caterina Boschetto - Carlo Boschetto & Sons
Escape from skyscrapers
  P10 - Evacuazione di grattacieli “Safely to ground”.

Sune Pedersen
Faraday Motion is an open modular platform for creating high tech compact electric vehicles. We have released a research vehicle that demonstrates our technolog …
  P22 - Faraday Motion

Collettivo Cocomeri
Open source self-constructible extruder, designed for domestic use and for FabLab. It can extrude PLA, ABS and even PET. The purpose of the project is to enabl …

Marek Senicky
FilaMaker is project which main target is plastic recycling. It have two main parts : smallest most powerful hand driven shredders and world wide fastest full m …

Jaron Lee Jia Wen, Brandon Chen
Freedom aims to provide a convenient yet portable way of commuting in an urban environment. Although there are other options available in the market such as the …
  Z9 - Singapore University of Technology and Design

FieldEffect Labs
A mirror with a number of features that accompany waking in the morning. While brushing your teeth, you can read the latest news, watch the weather and check yo …

Gr-in Team
Gr-in House is an Arduino based greenhouse. The user is able to control, air humidity and air temperature, soil humidity, light brightness. The greenhouse also …
  P60 - Gr-in House

Grinding Project was founded in 2013 to produce design objects developed from used engine components It was developed applying and experimenting social responsi …

Giorgia Sperandio
Hands(H)ome would be an opensource and low cost alternative for the home management and household consumption monitoring. It is an accessible, simple and intuit …
  P43 - ICTP Scientific FabLab (SciFabLab)

Gruppo collezionisti I-TELEX
The TELEX service: how it worked, how we bring it back to life in today's internet era with some extra features, like to send an email to a teleprinter and chat …

Michele Sorgi, Enrico Maria Castaldo, Giacomo Salvemme, Gianlorenzo Sabatini, Lorenzo Martini, Mattia Olcuire, Francesco Mariotti.
"Il Bolide della Spesa" consists in creating a shopping cart motorized. To give life to the realization we used dismissed components. Its stability, because of …
  P21 - Il Bolide della Spesa

Loic De Buck
Industruino is a robust DIN-Rail mountable Leonardo compatible industrial controller with LCD. It lets you take your existing Arduino projects and swiftly trans …

Sfera Labs
iono is a general-purpose, professional input/output DIN-rail module, CE compliant, based on a standard Arduino. iono allows you to use your Arduino programming …

Fabio Rapanelli
KidsPad is an interactive device for children , to learn about the digital world . Thanks to a basic and functional modules , such as the battery , input device …
  P32 - Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

FabLab Palermo
The project aims to highlight the relationship (first instance in Italy), recently instituted between Fablab Palermo and the Leroy Merlin Palermo Mondello store …
  P30 - Laser Design personalizzato nella grande distribuzione

Makers and growers, unite! Since 2013, we have been developing Le Petit COOL, an open source greenhouse kit composed by lasercut wood, an Arduino-compatible boa …

Alessio Rocchi
I thought that drawing objects with modest prices and sizes was the best thing to make in these critical times but I wanted that would respond to unpublished ne …
  P66 - LOHN_Little Objects for Huge Needs

Diva Tommei, Alessio Paoletti, Mattia Di Stasi
Solenica wants to break the existing paradigm in the residential natural lighting space with "Lucy", the designer robot that illuminates your home with natural …
  P7 - Lucy is a robot that bends sunlight into your Home

First arduino compatible solution for smart led light bulbs control. It includes an Arduino shield, named LYT/WiFi, and a radio controlled RGBW 9W led light bul …

Elena Dall'Antonia
The project involves the design and creation of a low-cost game kit, which can be used as a learning support for sign language (or other languages) for children …

Gianluca Vicini
The Momely Project aims to rethink the cemetery concept by turning the present structures into gardens of remembrance. The objective of Momely is to tell and ha …
  P48 - Momely

Paper8 Sailing Team
OARS We like to underline how Paper8 is an excellent row boat, her light weight and flat bottom allow her to gently glide on the water. This trait, extremely ra …
  Z4 - Nautica sostenibile - Paper8: la barca pieghevole a propulsione ibrida

Medaarch - Mediterranean FabLab (coordinator: Amleto Picerno Ceraso, Gianpiero Picerno Ceraso. Structural engineer: Gianpiero Picerno Ceraso, Amedeo Di Marco. Design team: Giuseppe Luciano, Matteo Saturnino, Agostino Granato, Olga Vlagouli Thomas Duff Ban
know-house approach wants to merge the global digital fabrication knowledge to the specific issues of a local context, to find an architectural precise solution …
  P55 - Octagon. Typhoon resistant Know-House

Enrique Canessa
First tests of the "open3Dstream" project aiming to develop a 3D holographic projection on a glass pyramid of a real-time video (kind of volumetric display in s …
  P43 - ICTP Scientific FabLab (SciFabLab)

Eric Stackpole, David Lang
OpenROV is a open-source underwater robot. But it's so much more. It's also a community of people who are working together to create more accessible, affordable …
  Pool - OpenROV

FabLab Genova
The aim of this exhibit is to show ho it is possible to construct an indoor vertical garden. The garden, that can be made with CNC machines and 3D printers, can …
  P61 - Orto da salotto 2.0

Gabriele Galassi
Paper and fold, successful brand in the Eco-design field, was founded with the aim of reducing the dramatic environmental impact caused by the industrial produc …
  P69 - Paper and Fold - Design Ecosostenibile
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