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Davide Barreca
It's rooted in the territories in which we live, with their several alternatives. It's a constant search for alternatives to modern materials. It's a utopia; th …

Beste Ozcan, Valerio Sperati (ISTC - CNR)
It happens many times as part of a long, sometimes heart-breaking, stories of children with autism having difficulties to communicate with their family. As such …
  O18 - +me: The multi-sensory wearable for children with autism

Andrea Boldi
Nemesi Oro and Pronto 3D are two companies devoted to the use of 3D printing and innovative technologies in Made in Italy product, particularly jewels. Pronto 3 …
  D22 - 3D design and printing in high end jewelry

The Amalettomat is an automatic crêpe machine. It was built by Zwax, a maker from Vienna. He is member of a Hackerspace called Metalab, where most of the pro …
  B8 - Amalettomat

Antonino Cotroneo @ WeMake
A digitally-fabricated tool for visually impaired people, teachers and pedagogists to help in the design of electronic circuits.

Giovanni Trapella
This project is designed for the safety and visibility of cyclists and motorcyclists . It 's made with two Arduino boards and two wireless modules . A board wit …

Associazione Formaggi Storici della Campagna Romana
The leading products of the Association are definitely the Columella Caciofiore and Hand-pressed cheese. Starting from the study of ancient texts (specifically …
  B12 - Consorzio Olivicoltori - Associazioni Formaggi Storici

Guglielmo Lisi
Bamboo Bici Lab is the Italian project that provides the knowledge and tools to build bamboo bicycles. Anyone will have the opportunity to create a customized b …

Luigi Francesco Cerfeda
Information technology evolves at a dizzying pace and is often complicated and stressful to control all the electronic devices that surround us. So, new User In …
  O4 - BESOS - Bio Engineering Systems for Open Society

HERE IoT Forum
Many of us at HERE are makers at heart. A few of us decided to create a side project called the Bike Navigation. This is a companion device to a phone designed …

Renato Reggiani
BioPic is a layered LED organic vegetable garden for your home. And here is how it works: You receive a container with soil and a specific paper that contains o …
  B24 - BioPic "Your little garden in the big city" - Orto a LED in Kit

Alessandro Zampieri con Fablab Roma Makers
"Open Sorso" is an open source project involved in craft beer making, that aim to diffuse open source recipes, an open source DIY digital kit to control and pro …
  B32 - Birra "Open Sorso"

Hugo Plácido da Silva
Out-of-the-box, BITalino includes easy to use software & hardware blocks with sensors for electrocardiography (ECG), electromyography (EMG), electrodermal activ …

Open BioMedical Initiative
BOB is an open source, low cost and 3D printable neonatal incubator. It increases the accessibility to a life-saving technology in the several World areas where …
  O9 - Open BioMedical Initiative

Riccardo Ricci, Andrea Mazza
Byxee is an advanced vision system device that use artificial intelligence algorithms to detects hazards and irregularities on the road before you get there. By …
  J23 - Byxee - the first smart active safety device for bikes

Cambiami comes from an idea by Studio D’Arc (Desperate Architects Rome City), an architecture and design practice founded in Rome in 2007 by Rosa Topputo …
  D10 - Cambiami

Contemporary scientific and technological research are changing the way man relates to his body. Synthetic biology, advanced prosthetics, biohacking let imagine …

renato corrente
our company produces chickpeas and olive cicerale Salella dented the Cilento also fig of Cilento
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

Bosatta Stefano, Bosatta Silvio, Davie Coira, Furio Bellorofonte, Michele Sancassani
Inspiration, passion and 20 years of experience are the key ingredients behind project “SteSil Bike”. Our skills in matter of 3D design and high-pr …

Conny's Kreations
La continua ricerca di innovazione in una tecnica classica e antica come le vetrate delle cattedrali e delle lampade Tiffany, mi porta a sperimentare sempre nuo …
  D18 - Circuiti Tiffany

Giorgia Pontetti
Ferrari Farm has created an automatic hydroponic plant in sterile and hermetic greenhouses of new generation, unique in their kind; to do this we have put toget …
  B3 - Coltivazioni Idroponiche in serre ermetiche sterili

Oliver Astrologo, Marcello Ridolfi, Fabian McDonald
Coltiverra, a revolution in agriculture that allows anyone to grow their own food online. A new service which lets users manage and monitor their own plot of la …
  B6 - Coltiverra

Bormioli Luigi
Beverage producers could discover the perfect glass for their products.
  B21 - Come cambia l’aroma il bicchiere?

Dhruv Saxena, Sagar GV
The number of pressure cooker whistles blown is often a good indicator of amount of cooking done. However, most users have a hard time keeping track of the numb …
  B30 - Cookoo - Pressure Cooking Made Easy

Lupi Paola e Luigi Merz
Casale dei Pozzi's bouillon cube with Antioxy- oleum is the first product in the world to include the concentrate of the olive's vegetation waters (a by- produc …
  B36 - Area macchinari

Bottega SPA
Se l’innovazione è mettere insieme elementi esistenti per produrre qualcosa di nuovo alfine di soddisfare un bisogno, nel campo delle bevande alcolich …
  B22 - Dal vestito al contenuto: innovazione a 360°.

Sara Savian and Claudia Scarpa @ Wemake
Digital Fashion is a fashion design project that teaches you how to design, modify and adapt decorative patterns to different clothing designs. DF integrates cr …

Dr-Jack's Team
How it works Dr-Jack connects to all devices, such as smartphones and tablet and with any operating system (Android, iOS, etc.), through the headphone jack and …

Massi Mario e FabLab Pesaro
Eco dog is a mechanical tool to collect dog droppings. It is a patented tool that performs its function allowing the user to collect the excrement in a hygienic …
  D6 - Eco dog: un raccogli "pupù" per il tuo cane

Fabrizia Petrillo, Federica Massi, Cristina Reggioli
Born in November 2010 as an experimental project about laser cutting on acrylic sheets, it grows thanks to the enthusiasm of its creators, a team of femal …
  D17 - En=Joy Gioielli

Marco Valsecchi, Chiara Valsecchi
Area Tecno S.r.l. is a young and dynamic Company that designs and build fitness and recreational equipment that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The …
  O22 - Equimoveo

D'arc.studio (Alessio Tommasetti Rosa Topputo) Maurizio Giovannoni Marco Serra
From the concept of digital design to real product in 3d printing The concept of beauty applied to the design of industrial products ranging from fashion desig …
  O2 - Estetica dalla moda alla prostetica

Eyezlab goal is to let anyone design 3D printed fashion eyewear. Through our free app you can design your own unique frames, choose the lenses, try on and share …
  D9 - Eyezlab - 3D printed fashion eyewear

Anastasia Pistofidou
FAB TEXTILES questions the way fashion industry and education have transformed our life in prototypical and excessively accelerated manner. Inside a triggering …

Open BioMedical Initiative
FABLE is a myoelectric prosthesis intended for persons with upper limb amputation or genetic malformation. Open Source, 3D printed and low cost, it aims to mix …
  O9 - Open BioMedical Initiative

FAMO COSE Roma Makerspace
The Pasta Code is a fun way to re-interpret the Morse code using current day technologies, incorporating our love for pasta and at the same time making fun of I …
  B31 - FAMO COSE Roma Makerspace - The Pasta Code

JeS-Titanium Design is an Italian brand borns in 2011. Inspired from traditional application of titanium in aeronautical and racing the jewel becomes a geometr …
  D20 - Fedi nuziali e gioielli in titanio

ARM - Azienda Romana Mercati
Circa 20 imprese italiane presenteranno i loro prodotti innovativi per caratteristiche funzionali, per soluzioni di sostenibilità ambientale, per innovazione …
  B36 - Area macchinari

Paolo Bertucci, Marco Pucci
Footsense is an application that uses Arduino in sport and therapeutic fields. The idea is to provide trainers and physicians with an instrument to analyse perf …

Alessandro Varesano, Marta Carusi, Enrico Grillo
With the sun it is possible to cook very well if the over is done very well! Everyone can build it with our suggestions, or take one of our kit or to buy a fini …
  B29 - Forni solari e cucina solare

Taslim Owonikoko
BIG PERENNIAL MAL-ODOR PROBLEM IN LEATHER PROCESSIING SOLVED IN MINUTES The fouling of environment, excessive water use and threat to workforce are the underl …
  N5 - Greening Leather

Frank Andre
The Hacklace is an electronic trinket, which conveys your personal message in an individual and original way. The Arduino-compatible microcomputer has a luminou …

Biancamaria Marchioro
When you build a 3D printer the first things that you'll print are cubes. You need them to understand if the machine is calibrated. My first results were more o …
  D21 - Handcraft porcelain jewels from 3D print

Cesare Pizzi
Problem: I have two dogs. When we go hiking outdoor, sometimes I leave them without leash. I'm always worried about loosing them. I know there are plenty of tra …

Luca Randazzo, Roberto Rossi
Hubotics is a low-cost wearable actuated exoskeleton for at-home elbow rehabilitation of motor disabled people. The project is addressed to patients who need co …

Giancarlo Pellis
Three systems to determine the center of the knee are presented; the first based on the study of the trajectory of the leg in flexion-extension through a "robot …
  O6 - Il centro di rotazione del ginocchio

Traditional recipes created with innovative equipments
  B36 - Area macchinari

Cultivate and reclaim the land of their fathers , bring them back to be productive and a source of income , thanks to the favorable position of the place and th …
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

Innovative system that allows people with hearing problems to be notified about noises of everyday life, thanks to a patch placed on the sound sources able to d …
  O20 - IntendiMe

cristiano vanzolini, michele di berardino
The very first things a user look for - when in the metaverse - are his hands. This project aims to enable a full upper limb real time tracking for grasping obj …
  O1 - intentoVR dataglove - metaverse editor

Alunno Camelia Elio, Lucchesi Federico, Borelli Alessandro, Riccardo Amadio,Riccardo Chiaraluce
The project that we want to present is an accessory for smartphones . It is a Braille keyboard to be used on the back of the phone, so that people who are blind …

DRT designs and produces spare parts for enhancing the performance of legendary motorcycles like Vespa, Lambretta and the likes.

DE.sign creates a line of accessories that reveal a visceral empathy with one material, epoxy resin, and a search into its unexplored aesthetic potential. Every …
  D19 - L'effetto della resina epossidica nel design

La Bona Usanza scarl
La Bona Usanza (the name means "good custom") is a small cooperative society of Marche regional producers who want to bring back to our tables the tastes and fl …
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

Dimitri Gramenzi: CEO , Rinaldo Grifoni: CFO , Matteo Urbani: COO
Eldar Lab is an Italian start up where an engineering team design products and applications characterized by a revolutionary vision of man-nature relationship. …
  J19 - ATOMO la Tent Tree-House made in Italy

Tred Technology srl
In the last year the Tred Technology has concentrated all its forces on innovation, designing and manufacturing INNOVATIVE STRIPPERS FOR ESSENTIAL OILS for medi …
  B36 - Area macchinari

It will be presented products with different percentage of fine cocoa (Criollo and Trinitario) that don't need high roasting temperatures.
  B19 - L’eccellenza del cioccolato tra ricerca dell’origine e l’innovazione di processo

It will be presented italian espresso through different mixtures extracted from a new kind of machine
  B36 - Area macchinari

Miranda Pisione
Why LE GOLOSIZIE DI MIRANDA? “Golosità” means a delicacy, whereas “delizie” means delights. “Golosizie” unites these two …
  B15 - Cosmo di Russo - Le Golosizie di Miranda

Giuseppe Airò Farulla, Andrea Bulgarelli, Laura Cappelletti, Marco Indaco, Ludovico O. Russo
The PARLOMA project aims at designing a system for remote communication between deafblind users. The system is able to transfer messages acting as a telephone, …
  O16 - Looqui

Franco Zullo
MyPersonalDresser is an Italian innovative sartorial concept who offers to the customers exclusive tailor made & eco-friendly products, characterized by: - Sup …
  N12 - MyPersonalDresser: Capi e Accessori eco-friendly in 100% fibra di legno

Filippo Anzivino, Matteo Sirianni
Project based on digital and traditional fabrication. A self-produced multilayer (made of various types of local wood) is laser cut into glasses frames and then …
  D11 - Ociaj

  B15 - Cosmo di Russo - Le Golosizie di Miranda

corrente renato
The farmhouse is located in Contrada Denazzano, locations of the City of Cicero, with a cultivated area of about 10.00 hectares, of which 5.00 invested with oli …
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

Open ArdBir team
Opene ArdBir is Open source platform for beer brewing process control and automation based on Arduino. The controller automates all the phases: from mashing to …
  B33 - Open ArdBir

Open Biomedical Initiative
The Open BioMedical Initiative is a no profit Global initiative supporting the traditional Biomedical field engaged in the collaborative design and distribution …

FabLab Genova
This project stems from the need to cut the wings of radio controlled gliders out of expanded PP blocks. The system turned out to be quite effective for cutting …

Stefano Grillo, Giulia Schiavetti, Elena Ruocco
Orticale is a vertical garden that thanks to an optional parallel rotation, allows an equal distribution of light and water in a reduced space. It is adaptable …

Maria Fermanelli
Pandalì is a place located in the heart of Rome, which gives the opportunity to capitalize on the experience of Cose dell’altro pane, his philosophy o …
  B13 - Pandalì - Consorzio Olivicoltori

Stefano Corinaldesi
our filaments are all produced in Italy with grade polymers and mixtures we have developed and patented. Our PLA LAYER is totally different from the standard …
  O5 - Possibilità di stampare con stampanti FFF materiali tecnopolimeri, stampare plantari su misura

vito abrusci, angelo nardulli
the responsible producers of slow food acquaviva's red onion and chickpea Black Murgia karst and the trustee of conduct acquaviva slow food sources and Bari ba …
  B17 - Presidi Slow Food

This project stems from having our manufacturers to enhance the production of olive oil Sabina PDO. The idea is to use foods high in fat and re …
  B13 - Pandalì - Consorzio Olivicoltori

The idea is to expose the results of a 10-day design and research workshop in Teheran exploring the new computational design methods and techniques as tools …
  N13 - TechBAGs, Re-Coding Fashion

Mohammed Uthman Farah
It is portable electronic device to check the quality and type of Milk, Edible Oil and Honey with in few seconds using spectroscopy properties of the material, …

Today, disciplines as programming and electronics become highly transversal, blurring old boundaries and merging different fields of knowledge. Fashion has been …
  N2 - RESHAPE15 | wearable technology competition

FabLab Genova
We found a way to express our passion for skiing even during the warm season. We moved from the slopes to our FabLab and started crafting our tools exploring th …

Ivan Cagnassi, Luca Ferrero Vallana, Andrea Gullino, Gabriele Masseroni
Yogurt Automatic Vending Machine made according to the maker logic controlled by an Android mobile application. The system is autonomous and only needs to be re …
  B7 - Self-Yo!

Birrificio Agricolo Baladin - Teo Musso
Open Baladin Project born as the first open source craft beer to start to explore the universe of craft beer world. Today the three open source project count cr …

BAG Unit. (Alessio Gellini_Giovanni Guarnieri_Giovanni Barberio)
In the world they are produced over 20 billion closures, but none of these communicates (the consumer or the manufacturer) if the content of what is still good …
  B11 - Smart Cork System (il Tappo Intelligente)

Letizia Palazzetti,Creaticity FabLab Tolentino, Apio
SmartDM is a machine capable of producing cocktails and longdrinks through the control provided by Apio Board . The machine can produce the formula of " perfect …
  B34 - Smart Drinking Machine

- Struttura in acciaio inox, vasca di cottura gastronorm in acciaio inox. - Pratiche maniglie per il trasporto della vasca. - Potenti resistenze corazzate a c …
  B36 - Area macchinari

Paolo Perego, Stefano Lenzi, Sensibilab
The swimfit system can be located in the big area of sport devices. In general a sport devices is a tool that can help to assess if one or more training session …

Teap Team: Livia Blasi, Anna Rita Mautone, Roberto di Vincenzo, Alfonso Tiberio
Teap is an app + temperature sensor that helps the user to brew the perfect tea. The user can choose from a range of preset teas, each one with different settin …
  B26 - Teap: your perfect cup of tea

Michela Musto + Serna Ucar
Techbag The project Michela MUSTO and Serna UCAR will present explores the symbiotic world of handbags and technologies. Different prototypes realised thank …
  N13 - TechBAGs, Re-Coding Fashion

Baropodometric static and dynamic analysis of the step to the realization of a customized insole with the use of materials of high technology
  J4 - Tecnologia e artigianalità per prodotti ortopedici e sportivi d'eccellenza

Roberta Ciusa Designer, Paolo Gusai Tecnico Elettronico @ Fab Lab Nu :Mario Arcadu Modellatore, Paolo Descortes Grafico,
Using common Fab Lab's tools , we have created a loom . Typical tool of Sardinian's craftsmanship reinterpreted, at the maker faire will be made ​†…

After having developed a shield for biomedical application I now want to share the device I made to reconcile electricity and electronics with water in a fun an …

OpenDogs by Vectorealism is an open project that aims to create opensource design products for pets, all made by digital fabrication. FabCani (fabulous or fabri …

Rita Loccisano
VisualFood is a new way of arranging dishes that combines aesthetics and function. Using a variety of techniques, VisualFood can transform your food into little …
  B4 - VisualFood

Societa inSOLUTION S.r.l.
The company Insulation srl It was formed with the intention to develop, manufacture and market the system "VIVO", internationally patented, able to maintain the …
  B18 - VIVO

Robert Fitzsimons
This project shows examples of dresses and clothing augmented with programmable/interactive LEDs, fibre optics and micro motors. Extending the visual effect of …

Wenda Team (Elia Rocco Ferrara, Mattia Nanetti, Antonio Catapano, Andrea Monterumisi, Guido Rossi)
WENDA has been specifically developed for wine bottles, as an expression of the most important and exclusive Food&Wine market and quality: Wenda Device, Wend …

Alessandro Matera
What Tinys.it is an open source Touch 3D printed LED watch with Atmega328P microcontroller programmed with Arduino. 32 LEDs in circle shows the time. The solid …
  O13 - Fablab Catania

Open BioMedical Initiative
The project WIL consists of a mechanical prosthesis of the hand, moved thanks to a special rods system. The device is folly Open Source and consists of easy ava …
  O9 - Open BioMedical Initiative

Maurizio Brusa, Repstar, miuPanel
Wood Moon and a series of clocks in wood that has as a goal the expressivity of the matter in a special way of wood, the material more poetic existing in circul …
  D14 - WoodMoon

Raffaello Colosimo, Antonio Panebianco, Filippo Braucci.
YOU-GOAL is an automatic replay system for five a side football, to review goals and highlights after the match. Just like on TV! You will not miss any action, …
  You-Goal - You-Goal - Highlight Yourself

Ferdinando Perone
Ywatch is the first PHCD (PERSONAL HEALTH, SECURITY AND COMMUNICATION DEVICE). Based on Android OS, with integrated sensors and sim, Ywatch is able to continuou …

Simona Limentani
Zolle’s main activity since 2008 has been to deliver to the City of Rome food that is: produced or processed in the neighbouring rural areas; healthy for …
  B14 - Le Golosizie di Miranda - Zolle
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