Exhibitors 2015

hereyouARE - Agile Rescue Engine
hereyouARE - Agile Rescue Engine

hereyouARE - Agile Rescue Engine

Problem: I have two dogs. When we go hiking outdoor, sometimes I leave them without leash. I'm always worried about loosing them. I know there are plenty of tracking systems out there, but no one with the following feature:

subscription free
open source / open hardware
low cost maintenance
smartphone application for tracking

The concept is: I'll probably need to use it one time in the life (hopefully never), so why I need to spend money for a subscription service. This is working with a basic mobile contract, without data subscription (even if, if you want, you can have an online tracking system).

hereyouARE - Agile Rescue Engine

Cesare Pizzi

Early adopter of Arduino, I started to play with it several years ago. I always try to find a problem to solve by hacking hardware or software.
Since my "real" job (whatever this means) is a bit different, I always have to spend nights on these hacks, so I have to say thank you to my wife for her patience and her support.

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