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+me: The multi-sensory wearable for children with autism
+me: The multi-sensory wearable for children with autism

+me: The multi-sensory wearable for children with autism

It happens many times as part of a long, sometimes heart-breaking, stories of children with autism having difficulties to communicate with their family. As such, the motivation to create the “+me” device started. Since the most impairing symptom is the difficulty to communicate with others, the “+me” project embodies an innovative transitional object with potential to support and motivate child-caregiver and child-parent interactions based on the peculiarities of the autistic child cognition. The main purposes are to enhance the motivation of the child to communicate, to improve his/her basic interaction skills with others, and to extend the child’s ability to communicate and play with others while being kept engaged in every-day activities. The “+me” device is a soft (100% cotton fabric) interactive collar pillow that provides visual, auditory, and haptic sensorial feedback. It has embedded pressure sensors, color changing lights, and small speakers. The features can be remotely controlled to adjust the type of feedbacks the pillow returns.
The new prototype has new features (e.g, Bluetooth connection with tablet, speakers, capacitative sensor, new look) in respect to the previous prototype presented in Maker Faire 2014. Moreover, the prototype has already started to be experimented with children and therapists of "Istituto Villa Dante".

+me: The multi-sensory wearable for children with autism

Beste Ozcan, Valerio Sperati (ISTC - CNR)

Me and Valerio met in March 2014 during my visit to their laboratory in The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy. Since I'm an interaction designer and he is a Psychologist and a programmer, we thought that if we worked together it could be a good idea in terms of developing the concept that I had been thinking for a long time. We started to create the earlier prototype in his laboratory where we had access to various equipment and materials.

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