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Cuprintha borns from the meeting of an artisan and a maker.
This project aims to find a common insterest between the classic handicraft and the 3D printing. On one side we have the 3D printing technology finding a commercial application, on the other one we have this technology becoming a handy tool for the artisan during the prototyping process.
Instead of manually realize metallic shapes, we tried to print them, with consequent economical and energetical save.


Andrea Navarini, Filippo Miserocchi

Andrea Navarini was born on june 5, 1992. He studied at ITT in Trento and he is now attending Sociology University. He has being working in the family company for many years, so he deeply knows prototipation, production and realization of copper made products. Andrea is also member of Associazione Trentino Rame and works promoting copper and its proprieties, and he can claim collaborations with Slow Food, Festival dell’Economia di Trento, Trentino Marketing and many others.

Filippo Miserocchi was born in Riva del Garda on 22 April 1999. He is currently studying at the High School Andrea Maffei in his hometown and is a young maker. Owner of two 3D printers, he tries to combine other realities with the makers one and find common points of interests in those. Self-taught programmer, has already participated in previous editions of Maker Faire Rome.

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