Exhibitors 2015



CubeCode is a tool that allows to learn code without using a computer, with all the possibilities of a real programming language.
This is possible because we identified the basic concepts of programming and we turned them into coloured cubes to be placed on a grid.
The cubes are split in 4 different levels of difficulty: starting from the easier arithmetical operations, up to the most complex programming constructs.
CubeCode has 3 embedded outputs (light, sound and screen), and with the bluetooth connectivity it’s possible to write apps for mobile and smart devices in general.


Simone Carcone, Alessandro Borelli

- Simone Carcone
Software developer and maker: web, mobile, digital signage and rapid prototyping. Freelance since 2012. Since 2013 co-founder and president of Let’s Make.

- Alessandro Borelli
Freelance Software Developer, CGI passionate. I describe myself as a creative coder / maker. Media Science and Technology graduated (Math - Tor Vergata,Rome), I’m one of the Let’s Make co founders, which is a maker-oriented coworking space. I alternate between technology, culinary art, and playing guitar.

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