Exhibitors 2015


KORAA EM15 is a wheeled inspection robot that was created to work in dangerous places as precarious buildings or places where there are gases or toxic and dangerous substances. The robot is composed of an Arduino microntroller that manages the movements of the vehicle and its sensors. The other microcontroller Raspberry PI instead generates an integrated web server that allows the user to see a video stream form the onboard camera. KORRA EM15 is remote controlled by any android smartphone with integrate giroscope and the dedicated control appof KORAA. With the app it's possible to move the vehicle while seeing the video steam and the data of the sensors. The KORAA shell is fully realized by using a 3D print.


Scuola IIS Ettore Majorana di Cesano Maderno

The makers of the project KORAA are: Cattaneo Claudio and Criconia Luca

  C12 - KORAA EM15

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