Exhibitors 2015

1.90m Eiffel Tower in 3D

The project was born in 2014 when we wanted to do a reliability test of the desktop printer Ultimaker 2. The aim was to build some big and pretty object, to show what such a 3D printer is capable of nowadays. Over 1600 hours of printing and 100 successfully printed pieces out of PLA later, we know a lot more than we thought we would learn. Even a Sharebot NG printer came to help. The fully assembled replica of the Eiffel Tower weights 20.5 kg, measures 190x86x86cm and shines in the colors of the French flag. You can print your own copy by downloading our model at www.thingiverse.com/thing:644611

1.90m Eiffel Tower in 3D

Gregor Luetolf and the Crazy Rooster

Gregor Luetolf and the Crazy Rooster from PHBern in Switzerland have been 3d printing for over 3 years now. They love to make, to share, to teach, to play, and to inspire others with their crazy ideas. Gregor is the human part of the game who does planning, all the work and blogging about, while the Rooster takes care of the fact that you need to be remembered next time you show up at an event.

  W4 - 1.90m Eiffel Tower in 3D

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