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iBin: automatic bin for separate waste collection that can facilitate it for older and disable people and any other user. iBin is characterize by 2 cylindrical sections: one on top of the other. The upper one contains the receiving and analyzing system of the waste, whereas the lower one contains the multi waste containers carousel, in which the waste are put. iBin can recognize the waste thanks to their chemical characteristics, using a series of sensors that analyze the waste and then send the data to a microcontroller which allows the implementation of the operating cycle of the bin.


IIS Volterra-Elia Ancona Davide Carboni, Alessandro Carra

In the project:” iBin”, two pupils from I.I.S. Volterra – Elia, Mr. Alessandro Carra (specialized in electronic subjects) and Mr. Davide Carboni (specialized in chemical, materials and biotechnologies subjects), thanks to their own competences and skills realized the “iBin”. The above mentioned pupils made use of the help and collaboration of the teachers Mr. Giuseppe Dipietro, Mr. Francesco Valentini, Mrs. Giovanna Battistini and of the technician Mr. Paolo Lucilla.
In our project are joined all specialization of our institute: chemistry, electronics, mechanics and
information technology.

  C1 - iBin

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