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Charge Box LEONARDO by Phone Italia
Charge Box LEONARDO by Phone Italia

Charge Box LEONARDO by Phone Italia

Leonardo is a new device that allows you to recharge your smartphone in a secure manner. It was designed to be placed in public locations for the convenience of smartphone users such as restaurants, airports, clubs, shops, stores, etc....
Leonardo is very easy to use, indeed for use it you need just one thing..
The fingerprint reader then analyzes and memorizes the user’s fingerprint in less than a second, and then will automatically open the first available charge box.
Place phone inside and connect to appropriate cord and close the drawer.
To reopen drawer place your finger on fingerprint reader and drawer will open.
Once drawer is open all fingerprint data is redacted.

Marco Raggi, Davide Clocchiatti, Matteo Crispo, Diego Mestroni, Fabio Pirioni

Marco Raggi financial adviser, 26 years old
Davide Clocchiatti building contractor, 32 years old
Diego Mestroni, dealer in construction sector, 31 years old
Fabio Pirioni, icecream shopper, 29 years old
Matteo Crispo, computer consultant, 31 years old

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