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Portable Amphibious Spherical Robot for land and aquatic deployment
Portable Amphibious Spherical Robot for land and aquatic deployment

Portable Amphibious Spherical Robot for land and aquatic deployment

Forested terrains and mudflats surrounded by water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and swamps are difficult to maneuver around, especially for man-made automations and robots. The lack of reliable robotic platforms often hinders
operations such as search-and-rescue, surveillance, and research efforts made in these terrains. Whereas most developments are focused on improving maneuverability on either land or water, little has been done in developing robotic platforms with amphibious capability. To address this design gap, an amphibious spherical rolling robot design is proposed.
A spherical rolling robot is advantageous in terms of its selfrighting
capability, balancing capability, and minimum damage to the surroundings during its mobilization. The proposed design contains a battery-powered fixed two-axis pendulum for the robots powertrain, which provides the robot with its selfrighting capability. Two modular live-feed cameras are inserted
to provide live-streaming capability, both of which can be easily replaced with other relevant sensors if needed. A custommade 3D-printed sleeve is designed to improve the robot’s propulsion on both land and water. Most of the robot’s design features are highly modular, facilitating customization
depending on the user’s needs. With these configurations, the final prototype exhibited a high degree of maneuverability on both land and water. The live-streaming capability was proven with a video recording from the robot’s cameras when deployed. In addition to it, a GPS module was mounted on for updating of its live position of the ball to the ground base station via Google Maps on the web browser. Information such as the location and directional heading will then be known to the user.

With Singapore being a maritime nation, this robot could be extensively used for patrols, marine biology research on the coral reefs or monitoring marine wild life such as dolphin activities. In addition to that, the robot could too be controlled with swarm and be used for mass deployment as part of search and rescue mission as part of a cheaper alternative in an event of a disaster.

Jaron Lee Jia Wen, Stevanus Satria, Samantha Chan

Jaron Lee is a final year student at the Singapore University of Technology and Design in pursuit of a Bachelor of Engineering with a major in Engineering Product Development. He is a design engineer, tinkerer, innovator and co-founder of Freedom of Mobility, a startup gearing towards providing "Last Mile" solutions. In the university, he have designed and worked with various Multi Rotor platforms and several Robotic platforms as part of his interest in discovering new stuffs.

Stevanus Satria has developed a strong passion in automotive and mobility since he was a young boy. What started off as curiosity and fascination eventually led to his affection to Physics and Engineering. He decided to enter the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) because he yearned for a more applicative and hands-on way of learning. Through the MIT-SUTD Global Leadership Program held in Summer 2014, Stevanus learned the skills of rapid prototyping and 3D modeling. He applied to create his very own personal electric skateboard – Velox – which happened to be his first Do-It-Yourself project. Stevanus then went on to develop his design thinking and engineering skills by designing the circuitry for prototype motorized walking stick. The latest project he was involved in was SALAMANDER, the portable amphibious spherical rolling robot that is on display today at Maker Faire Rome Edition. It is Stevanus's desire to continue polishing his conceptual and practical skills as an engineer in a bid to one day create a greener and better way for people all around the world to move from one place to another.

Samantha Chan is an aspiring electrical engineer and designer looking to make a difference in communities through technology. Has strong interest and experience in handling 3D printers, researching on digital fabrication techniques as well as aspects of community design and collaboration.

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