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Homegrown RC
Homegrown RC

Homegrown RC

With Homegrown RC the user will have the opportunity of self build radio controlled vehicles like cars, boats or airplanes starting from a library of parts and then 3D printing them. The game will also have a social aspect: in addition to the creative and cognitive aspects, the users will have the possibility to share their design. This will be possible in the Homegrown RC Social Networks with a reward system to those who will share or make an active parts in the community or who will create the most popular models chosen by other users. The gained points will be used to buy new parts.

Homegrown RC

Flavio Mastracci

My name is Flavio Mastracci, I was born in Anzio (RM) the 10/09/1986. I have made my college studies in IT. I started my degree in Industrial Design in the Architecture Faculty of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome because I was passionate in 3D modelling as self-taught student. In 2008 I won the Erasmus project so I went to study in IADE University in Lisbon for one year, there I have compared my approach to design with foreign one. At the end of the University I have started a internship as 3d modeller in different automotive style company in Turin such Italdesign Giugiaro. I have reached that goal thanks to a first master degree in the Politecnico of Torino where I have learned both professional modelling software and the approach to automotive design from concept to prototype. In 2012 I have started the MA in product Design in the Architecture Faculty of the university “La Sapienza “ of Rome, during this period I was introduced to the RepRap project thanks to an international one week course, where we have built two 3D printer and had lesson about open source and his true meaning. Thanks to this course I have found my next step to add to my capabilities, of 3D modeller. Infact after the course I have built mine open source 3D printer. In 2014 after winning a competition called “Torno Subito” made by my region administration, “Regione Lazio”, I have made an internship in the Gonge Creative learnings ApS a Danish company based in Them that develop toys for children for upgrade cognitive, social, equilibrium skills and stimulate the vestibular organ. There I have developed a toy for children from 6 to 12 years old based on the old hoop and stick games that is actually in the prototyping phase before the production and it was presented at the Spielwarenmesse 2015 toy faire di Nürnberg .Now I am finishing my MA in Product Design presenting for my thesis the Homegrown RC project.

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