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Smart Drinking Machine
Smart Drinking Machine

Smart Drinking Machine

SmartDM is a machine capable of producing cocktails and longdrinks through the control provided by Apio Board . The machine can produce the formula of " perfect mix " respecting the preset dosage and can be a support to the barman during crowded parties . The FabLab team oversaw the design and produced the pieces that make up the SmartDM . The object through Apio can be connected and communicate with other smart objects so that the IoT will become something cool and refreshing .

Smart Drinking Machine

Letizia Palazzetti,Creaticity FabLab Tolentino, Apio

Letizia Palazzetti is a designer, part of the team and user of the FabLab di Tolentino
Creaticity FabLab Tolentino is the first FabLab opened in Regione Marche. It's a space of creation and sharing, open to all who want to produce their own projects with their own hands.
Apio is a startup that design and produced is own electronic board, completely open source and Arduino-compatible. This board connects objects wirelessly. With Apio devices you can build your own internet of things

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