Exhibitors 2015



Parametric_Light, union between parametric modeling and 3D Printing.
One basic geometry generate with a 3D software + some parametric modifiers for determinate a new Design, 3 are the final results of this sperimentation.
Ananas: recalls the tropical fruit, the parametrization concerns the deformation respect to a gradient.
Texture: replication of one single element with a casual rotation on the surface, so as to generate different form.
Fori: parametrization of the diameter of the holes that characterize this object than the distance of the same from a point.


Federico Pieroni, Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

Architect graduate at La Sapienza University of Rome with a Post-Graduated Master in "Digital Architecture" at the Venice University of Architecture IUAV and a particular inclination to the computer graphics, 3D modeling and video animation.
Looking for inspiring work experiences, I collaborated with several Design studio, worked for some companies and travelled in order to increase my knowledge. Last year I became member of Creaticity FabLab Tolentino, where I am able to expand my skills regarding 3D printing, prototyping, also through the use of programming boards such as Arduino.

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