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Design aPpeso
Design aPpeso

Design aPpeso

"Design aPeso" is a collection of products that can be made with the technologies available in the FabLabs. They are objects that can be bought to weight and you can hang it as hung and precariously is the future of designers.
The idea is to quantify creativity through the traditional strategy of market: euro / kg. "Design aPpeso" wants people to understand the value of ideas. The first product of the collection is Riccia la Gruccia: a hanger designed to take three different forms and to be modular to suit your needs.

Design aPpeso

Krizia Mariani e Paolo Isabettini, Creaticity FabLab Tolentino

Krizia Mariani - Designer. Team member of Creaticity FabLab Tolentino, but also user. Fond of crafts and seeking new forms of design. The FabLab is the place that gives me the opportunity to realize all my projects, to share ideas with the comunity and to learn new things every day.

Paolo Isabettini - Founder but especially member of Creaticity FabLab of Tolentino, a space of creation and sharing, open to all who want to produce their own projects with their own hands. With 3D printers, CNC machines and Open Source electronics ideas take shape and are transformed from Bit into Atoms (and vice versa). This was renamed "third industrial revolution", for me is a daily commitment: to give everyone the tools and ensure that all childhood dreams can be realized. And when all have the tools, the best ideas will always win.

Design aPeso is a project started by a conversation in the FabLab among Krizia and Paolo on the difficulties for designers to quantify economically their creativity. Riccia la Gruccia is the first product of the collection and it has been designed by Krizia Mariani.

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