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3D elements of nature

3D elements of nature

The project starts from the opportunity to use 3d printing tools for bio-architecture, in order to bring “ a bit of Nature” in our city.
These modular elements are able to create a microclimate in which plants and flowers can grow.
These moduls can be used individually or combined to create flexible structures, adaptable to different contexts. They can be used as separation structures, shielding or coating for interiors, green walls or vertical gardens. All materials used for the project are biodegradable and recycled.


3D elements of nature

Sara Vignoli_FabLab Sassari

Sara Vignoli is 28 years old and lives in Sardinia. She completed her Master’s Degree in Architecture at Alghero. After some collaborations with University, she attended an International II Level Post Master Course “Urban Research Lab Sardegna-Environmental design” concerning environmental design and sustainable architecture at DIA-Bauhaus in Dessau (Germany). After this Post Master she did an internship in Berlin with a Bauhaus professor, Gunnar Hartmann. She’s always been interested in new technologies for a design approach oriented towards environmental protection and renewable sources. During the Post Master she worked on a project for a new waste management system for the Nurra territory (Sassari). This project was developed with eco-volunteers of Sassari and concluded with a prototype for the new stand used for the awareness campain on recycling of waste. The prototype has entirely made with recycled cardboard tubes.
Actually, thanks to some colleagues engaged in FabLab of Sassari, she has approached the world of digital fabrication, fascinated by using new tools as 3D printer, laser cutter and milling machine, for architecture, especially in a green way. The research into materials that can be used with these machines is now increasingly focused on biodegradable, recyclable and waste materials.

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