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Thinkalize is a platform for open innovation that connects distant innovators through instruments of co-design and helps them to enhance their own ideas. Thinkalize promotes and regulates the relations between industry innovation and the international community of makers. Through precise protocol safeguards, Thinkalize can unite makers and industry in a logic of success "win-to-win" and put them in a network with the lab on a global scale



Nicoletta Grumelli: designer di prodotto
She is a designer and a young entrepreneur and she launched Thinkalize in 2014 with the aim to energize and support the creativity and the distribute production in the growing demand of co-planning in Italy.She tries to balance the spiritual growth and the passion for her work, facing every day the typical challenges of those who choose to launch a company in innovative sectors.

Andrea Danielli: business development
He has alredy played the role of the startupper; in some cases he collided with time limits (his or others’), in some other cases with technological limits. Over time he caught the imprint of the designer and he developed a number of childhood dreams. He defines Thinkalize as its toyland: a space where finding people with whom doing the best thing in the world, create. Moreover, with Thinkalize he has the way to spend a bit of the legal skills he acquired in his previous job and experiment innovative business models that he has imagined exploring the world of makers. He also created the group “Fabber in Italia on Facebook e co-founded the association “Make in Italy”.

Marco Lombardo: engineer
From more than 10 years he covers charges of technical coordination and management of complex projects. He is convinced that the enhancement of the talents should be merged with the potential of doing business and realizing everything thanks to technology. He is even more convincted that innovation begins inside each of us and should be powered with tools and communities direct and simple. On this ambition, last year he designed a social network…then he met some people, then become friends, and the rest has been more or less easy. Those who know him, deifine him a qualified engineer down to earth, but he really is a chronic visionary. He loves the stillness of the night, the food and he is happy when he sees people who follow their dream day by day, step by step.

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