Exhibitors 2015



TACTO is an interactive table, equipped with sensors who collect and translate actions and gestures in sound. This happens through simple contact with the user's skin, or even by placing on it's surface whatever everyday object . Everything can be turned into a potential musical instrument within one single and engaging creative experience. Developing intuitive and strictly connected interactions throughout graphics and sound design guides the user to the discovery of the huge expressive range of TACTO, with no need for particular musical knowledge nor skill. Designed particularly for public events and installations, TACTO can be customized for a range of different needs and circumstances.



Officine Tesla is an engine of ideas , forged with sensitivity , precision and pure passion .

It was born in 2014 in the corridors of the Electronic Music faculty at G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan, as a spontaneous act of sharing of technical and artistic knowledge.

Inspired by the Technical Manifesto of Futurist music and visionary Nikola Tesla, Officine Tesla aims to develop a network of multi-disciplinary activities of the future, focusing on technological, artistic and social potentialities of Sound.
In May 2015, through a partnership with The Fablab Make in Milan, Officine Tesla developed and manufactured its first product designed for social creativity: TACTO.

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