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A.R.G.O. stands for "Robotic Assistant to an Ordinary Day".
This is a medium-sized rover that, thanks to its considerable mechanical performance in terms of load capacity, can be used both in the home as a domestic assistant both in the industry as an assistant to operators during work tasks.
Based on an home-made PIC multiprocessor hardware, his main functionality is the “human follower”.
A.R.G.O. can be operate under internet wifi, its stream can therefore always be viewed in real-time network.
Its mechanic allows a considerable global burden of about 150 kg.
The speed is variable from 0 to 3 km / h.
The two motors 12V 280W each. with ratio. 1:80 are governed by a board Sabertooth 2x32A with incorporated encoder inputs.
The hubs of the wheels are equipped with a micro-perforated and interchangeable disk, this is for the installation of encoders.
The battery is a deep cycle gel rechargeable by 12V-33Ah.
The output torque at the wheels is 150Nm.
It comes to 12 ultrasonic sensors collision, a PIR sensor, 2 webcams and LEDs for night vision.
All the parameters cab be adjusted by means of an on-board LCD panel.


Ing. Stefano Graziosi

Name: Stefano
Surname: Graziosi
Date of Birth: 30/08/1978
Place of Birth: Perugia
Degree in Mechanical Engineering achieved in 2002 with vote 109/110
Member of the Order of Engineers of Perugia from 2004 to 2011
Member of the Order of Engineers of Rome since 2011
From 2002 to 2007: Plant Installation Manager for an Italian company, leader in the construction of concrete batching plants.
From 2007 to 2008: Project Manager GCC Countries for an Italian company, leader in the construction of multi-storey car park.
Since 2008: freelancer with a own consulting company in Rome.
Core business: design & construction of industrial plants In Europe and Middle East.

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