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APS (Automatic Protection System)
APS (Automatic Protection System)

APS (Automatic Protection System)

It 'a prototype that illustrates, in a simplified way, the operation of an active antitheft system.
The prototype detects the presence of a person inside a room, it identifies the exact position and sends it to the robot quadcopter. Using this information, the robot will position itself at a safe distance and, after a voice warning, sprinkle a bit of water to the intruder

Luca Agrippino, Giuseppe Arenare

Luca Agrippino was born on 15/05/1980 in Corigliano Calabro (Cs), where he now lives. After obtaining a diploma in Accountancy, he did his military service and then graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Calabria. Currently he is studying (but not full-time) for the Degree in Automation Engineering at the same University. It is currently building a prototype of a robot kind quadricopter. Lover of DIY since ancient times, with the study developed a passion in the world of robot and automation and would "invent" a work in this area. His hobbies include hiking, music, photography and the sea.

Giuseppe Arenare was born on 01/07/1986 in Sapri (SA), currently living in Policastro Bussentino (SA). After receiving his high school diploma, she has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calabria. He is currently writing a thesis for the Master degree in Mechanical Engineering at the same Univesità. For a semester, he taught the course "Techniques of Organization of Production Processes" at the IIS "Carlo Pisacane" Sapri (SA). Lover of gardening and in the case of pepper, delights in DIY and aspires to become a designer.

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