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FOLIO - Laser fun
FOLIO - Laser fun

FOLIO - Laser fun

The most important features is: you have to build up it.
FOLIO has UNI sizes (A4, A5, B3), recognizable and sim-
ply to ship and deliver. The material is plywood, cheap and
eco-friendly, with a vintage look.
Every piece of FOLIO has a unique plate, usable, with the
name, a specific number, and a row to write a name, “made
with love for....”.
Special features or drawings can be made by order, becau-
se FOLIO is customizable.
FOLIO is very simple to build: the pieces are pre-cutted
and for the joints you just have to follow the construction
number or the instructions inside. For a better work, you
need a simple cutter and little bit of glue (vinavil type).
The FOLIO project is developed in Collections, so to have
a range of different products, for younger and older, for
funny or decorations, for gifts or enjoyment. The collec-
tions already made are: XMAS, 3D PUZZLE, KIDS, CANDLES, LAMP, 3D BIG.

FOLIO - Laser fun

Alessandro Capati

I am Alessandro Capati and I am an architect with various professional
experiences and is now collaborating with GREEN TALES,
a ‘’digital lab“specialized in prototyping but an architecture, design, graphic office too: a space for creative contamination where bring together the custom design craft, knowledge sharing, opensource approach and Internet opportunities. With the latest purchase arrived - laser cutting

machine - we create real objects from two-dimensional drawings, focusing on shapes and joints. The goal is a small craft production, creating a crowdfunding campaign to finance the project to continue inventing always new objects and collections.

  V14 - Green Tales - Alessandro Capati
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