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Forni solari e cucina solare
Forni solari e cucina solare

Forni solari e cucina solare

With the sun it is possible to cook very well if the over is done very well! Everyone can build it with our suggestions, or take one of our kit or to buy a finished one.
With the help of expert chefs everyone can try solar receipts that perfectly give value to this kitchen.

Forni solari e cucina solare

Alessandro Varesano, Marta Carusi, Enrico Grillo

Alessandro Varesano MSc, lavora da anni in una azienda di telecomunicazioni che lo ha portato a viaggiare, si occupa da anni di certificazione energetica ed isolamento termico, ha iniziato per gioco a costruirsi il primo forno solare, puntando alla alta efficienza e alta qualità della cucina.

Enrico Grillo MSc, since several years he is working in the design of environmentally sustainable building and green architecture.
Convinced that knowledge needs practice, he is also involved in self-construction of buildings in natural materials and craftsmanship in wood and metal from recicle.
He is increasingly involved in experimenting with creative solutions to a good solar cooking.

Marta Carusi Arch. specialized in monument restoration she has been always appasionated to how the human being, in the past, did live the nature in equilibrium with it, the buildings and every other part of the life. She is very careful to the functional design, efficency and pragmatism producing aesthetically valid solutions .

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