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La Prima Tent Tree-House costruita in Italia
La Prima Tent Tree-House costruita in Italia

La Prima Tent Tree-House costruita in Italia

Eldar Lab is an Italian start up where an engineering team design products and applications characterized by a revolutionary vision of man-nature relationship. This concept gives life to our payoff “Natural Creative Engineering”, a message with a clear aim: creative engineering connected a synergy between man and nature, a philosophic aim as well that push ourselves forward on innovative and creative research toward the outdoor sector.
Along this pattern we designed Atomo, the first tree tent house with zero environmental impact, 100% made in Italy.
Atomo is a modern and creative meeting point between a tree house and a hanging tent, this results from a design study that uses high quality materials. A product that is going to revolutionize nature living concept.
Giving to customers the emotion of spending a night among trees, free to live a new experience surrounded by comfort and the excitement that only Atomo can give you.
Composed by aeronautic derivation aluminum, it guarantees high performances at a low weight load. Two external hemispheres in oxford fabric waterproof compose a covering cloth equipped with two windows, entrance door and backfront skylight. Different color choices and, on request, special fabrics such as Texit are available, depending on geographical needs.
A security nylon fall preventing net wraps the whole structure below the external covering in order to guarantee the maximum security standards.
The tent floor is composed by a wooden multilayer inflexible platform, divided in 12 segments, each of them counting 4,3 m2. On request it can be possible to install a trap door in order to have access to the glove compartment located below the wooden surface.
Inside Atomo is inserted an internal fabric both useful as a mosquito net and aeration loopholes to have a better comfortable environment.
The detailed designing along with high quality materials makes Atomo easily removable, with final pieces that do not exceed 150 cm as well as their easy packaging characterized by low weight, all transportable in a baggage car.
Techical regulations and certifications that are part of our designing process makes our product one of the safest tree tents on the market.

La Prima Tent Tree-House costruita in Italia

Dimitri Gramenzi: CEO , Rinaldo Grifoni: CFO , Matteo Urbani: COO

Mechanical Engineering student at University of L'Aquila, I've been always passionate about motorsports especially related to motorbikes. During the past years I developed technical and manual skills thanks to my work experiences in Italy and abroad. My personality is keen to creativity and innovation towards every activity i dedicate to.
Since childhood I always had a strange passion for everything unconventional, I am a so called out-of-the-box thinker, interested in ideas that would surprise and excite people.
About a year ago, while I was at my University surfing the Internet, I stumbled upon a call for a competition from the Veneto Region seeking innovative ideas with the potential of becoming internationally successful startups.
At the time I did not even know what a startup was, but believing that I had good ideas and looking for a way to prove it, I signed up. Among the many ideas whirling in my head, there was one particularly close to my heart, which later became my startup now called La Stella Degli Elfi (The Star of the Elves).
Today, a year later, with the victory of the Veneto Smart Competition behind us, my team and I are working hard to find the spark that will ignite our dream and turn it into a viable business."

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