Exhibitors 2015


HiH will be an open-source low-cost alternative for the home automation and household consumption monitoring. It is an accessible, simple and intuitive user interface, custom made for elders and people with disabilities.
With HiH it is possible to monitor power consumption and production, heating, air conditioning and lighting. It is also possible to manage electric loads, to open/close motor powered doors and windows, to make automatic emergency calls in case of gas leak, flooding, burglary.

Giorgia Sperandio

Giorgia got a bachelor degree in Multimedial Sciences and Technologies. After a period of study at the Klagenfurt University, she is now graduating in Multimedia Communication and Information Technologies at the University of Udine. Since the beginning she has been interested in 3D modeling for rendering, after a stage period at the ICTP SciFabLab in Trieste she now enjoy experimenting with 3D printing and Arduino programming.

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