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Stampante 3D PivotMaker
Stampante 3D PivotMaker

Stampante 3D PivotMaker

The 3D printer PivotMaker have been designed and built for the prototyping of large prints . The 3D Printer measures are 1 x 1 x 1 mt and the size of and of 850x850x850 mm. This 3D printer have two extruders 0.5 mm and 1 mm with a print resolution of 0.20 mm . The Print Speed is 100 mm / sec. To ensure the continuity of the print when the ein Case No Current Has Been A backup battery installed . Another device installed in the printer is the sensor of end filament, which allows to pause printing, giving the possibility to the user to replace it

Stampante 3D PivotMaker


The brand i3D was founded in 2014 within the italian company Powercap Energy Systems Ltd. thanks to the passion for new technologies and new production processes . From the experience in the mechanical and automation field was developed the series of 3D printers PlayMaker. Driven by the desire to face new challenges and interested in satisfying the market of big build volume and the series production, have been designed the 3D printers Pivotmaker and the latest addition to six extruders, Sixer.

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