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Remote Quality Control System

Remote Quality Control System

It is portable electronic device to check the quality and type of Milk, Edible Oil and Honey with in few seconds using spectroscopy properties of the material, the sensor is connected with central quality control point via wireless communication system and SMS to get the quality parameters of the food product from its place anywhere in the world within parts of second to the central quality control point in another country.
It will save the testing time, electrical consumed power and cost of equipment, no need to take samples from factories, or restaurants to the central labs.
Only one advanced central lab will be built and the database will be downloaded on each device so the device will do the same function of the central lab and it is easy to use.

United Arab Emirates

Remote Quality Control System

Mohammed Uthman Farah

B. Sc in Physics Laboratory, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan 2005, working as Lab Supervisor at Department of Applied Physics
College of Sciences, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

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