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Progetti Fab Academy 2015
Progetti Fab Academy 2015

Progetti Fab Academy 2015

Fab Lab Frosinone presents all projects designed by its students during the Fab Academy course 2015. To receive the Diploma of Fab Academy students faced a wide range of exercises related to digital fabrication, programming and electronics. The course, directed by Neil Gershenfeld, founder of the Fab Lab movement, propose as a final result a personal project for each students which highlights all skills acquired during the course.

Michela Ruggiero: The project I want to develop is an interactive panel. It opens and closes responding to pulses derived from environmental conditions, creating an artistic and functional effect. It can be used in exhibition areas to protect works of art from sunlight or temperature changes . In fact, the elastic tissue that connects the three panels closes it self turning clockwise, and open up turning anticlockwise. It allows to restrict or to increase light and hot. The engine composed of toothed belts and pulleys creates this mechanism .

Marco Sanalitro: Roll-e is a telepresence robot system. It can be equipped with a smartphone, small tablet or FPV system (FIRST PERSON VIEW). Controllable remotely it was designed for business, educational, but also fun.

Massimiliano Dibitonto: The concept for the final projects stars from my interest about human- computer interaction and novel interaction paradigms. I think technology should make things easier, through automation and amplification of human capabilities. However the interaction with tools should be also fun and pleasurable. As human brain is used to consider “alive” everything that shows a “smart” behaviour (and digital tools usually pretend to be smart) I wanted to create an object that has personality and allows a different kind of human-computer interaction.

Elena Papetti is interested in the issues of wearable technology. She realized E_Motion, a dress able to transform the movement of the wearer in to sound. Designed to create union between staged and musical form.

Antonio Burrai: I've always been attracted by underwater life. This is the main reason because I've decided to design "Piske". "Piske" means fish in sardinian dialect. Being a lover of japanese tradition, I really like carps. Piske ideally will be used to underwater controls. Piske will be a mix of all the disciplines/assignment included in the Academy. One of the biggest problems will be the waterproofing of the skin. Piske will be composed of the main system showed above. EYES: to watch/control underwater. BRAIN: Arduino. IMMERSION SYSTEM and several ENGINES/MOTOR to move.
Leonardo Zaccone: I would realize an interactive music instrument. I called it MODULAR RAINBOWPHONE because the project has been started form the PurplePhone, an earlier synth I realized using Arduino and a light sensor. This project is modular because I would realize a control box in which you can insert each input shield you can build following an open standard I give, and every input shield could be realized using a different sensor. For my work, I mind to realize a photoresistor light sensor, a color detector and a interactive textile sensor. I could use a Raspberry PI 2.0 to handle the interaction and generate sounds using the software pure data, so the instrument could work without a laptop, or I could realize a command box to connect by serial or midi to a common sound generator, as a laptop or a digital sound instrument.

Progetti Fab Academy 2015

Academy 2015 Frosinone

Marco Sanalitro: I'm Graduated in Architecture U.E. at the University of Roma "La Sapienza". Member of "Ordine Degli Architetti di Roma" since 2012. Erasmus program 2008/2009 Granada, Spain; Leonardo program 2012/2013 Estoril, Portugal. I frequently collaborated and work abroad with architects and engineers: right now I finished an interesting collaboration with the studio Noumena in Barcelona. I worked for a long time as a graphic designer and interior Designer. I study assiduously industrial design and produce unique pieces. I frequently collaborate with the association ADD (Association District of design). I'm a "Newbie" of digital fabrication, but I was for a long time a maker and an artisan 1.0. In October 2014 I met the Fab Lab Frosinone and in November I went directly to Barcelona to know the reality of the Fab Lab Barcelona and the Fab Café Barcelona.

Massimiliano Dibitonto: I’m an interaction designer and a user experience researcher living in Rome. I’m a phD in Computer Science, I hold a M.S. in Mass Communication and New Media and a B.A. in Communication Sciences and Technologies. My main research interests are in Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, User Experience and Physical Computing. My background is both humanistic and technical, and my main skills stem from my ability of merging these two worlds. I’m fascinated by natural interaction paradigms and new ways to create interactions between the user and the technology.

Elena Papetti: Born in Frosinone -Italy- in 1984, Elena is an italian Architect. She studied at "La Sapienza" Università di Roma. She's specialized in Exhibition and Interior Design. Her works are focused on the recovery existing buildings with particular attention to industrial ones. Through the Frosinone's Fab Lab she came in contact with the maker community and now she's intentioned to utilize the Fab Academy to learn and understand elecrtonic and fabrication technologies.

Leonardo Zaccone: He was co-founder of our FabLab and now he's the event manager. He's a great artist, an astonishing sound performer and instruments maker.

Michela Ruggiero: I'm an architect, a maker as well as CEO for M3p Industrial marmi. I'm been working for 8 years within the construction industry, recently my main interest has shifted towards the connections between smart materials and architecture. I'm the founder of MarbleEcoDesign project and one of the co-founder of Fab Lab Frosinone. Whit Henka project I won Reshape, digital craft competition.

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