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The swimfit system can be located in the big area of sport devices. In general a sport devices is a tool that can help to assess if one or more training session has improve or not a physical condition of an athlete. Our system is composed by a wearable device, a swimsuit and a software. The devices records and transmits data, and in particular Heart-rate and inertial measurement. These data are processed by our specific software that is able to determinate quantitative indexes referring to some features of swimming techniques like number of stroke, stroke balance, laps time, recovery time...


Paolo Perego, Stefano Lenzi, Sensibilab

Biography of the main author:
My name is Paolo Perego, I am graduated in Biomedical Engineer in 2008 at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on Brain Computer Interfaces, and particularly the BCI++ framework. BCI++ is an open source software which can be used to rapidly create a fully functional BCI system.

From 2008 I work as Research Fellow at Politecnico di Milano on the field of BCI and wearable devices with special attention to all ergonomics aspects.

I obtain the Ph.D. in Design in 2014 at Politecnico di Milano with a research focused on wearable biomedical system for cardio/respiratory monitoring for newborn and elderly. The research focused on finding new methodology to approach monitoring and diagnosis with very sensitive and fragile users.

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