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BioHack Lab
BioHack Lab

BioHack Lab

The BioHack Lab is the first biohacking laboratory made in an Italian FabLab.
The project was born as a result of the first edition of the Italian BioHack Academy of the WAAG Society, held simultaneously with 6 other countries in 5 continents. At the end of the Academy, which saw 10 graduate students from all over Italy, at the FabLab Rome Makers were made equipments and machines based on open source projects.
The existing equipments enable biohacking projects in the local communities of makers, biologists and biotech enthusiasts.

BioHack Lab

Associazione Roma Makers

Roma Makers is one of the first and largest Italian makers community. The association is active since 2005 and in 2013 has opened the first Fablab in Rome.

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