Exhibitors 2015


KEI KEI is not only a creative studio. It aspires to be a sustainable approach to the environment around us and a simple, hones and optimistic way of life.
The main feature is that each piece, entirely handmade, is created with recycled fabrics and high quality paper. These original objects are all different from each other. Every detail is carefully chosen: you can find selected materials - only green and sustainable – original graphics and packaging. Everyone can identify with a different motif: minimal, floral, geometric, smooth or rough.
And what about you?

So that you never get bored, KEI KEI STUDIO offers a limited collection for every season.

Each craft idea can be customized to meet specific requirements. Customers can either ask to personalize their objects or have an entirely new line of accessories handmade specifically and uniquely for them.



Chiara Pierucci

Naturally creative, irrepressible curious, tireless passionate of the world. After years of study, work and wandering from Northern Europe to the Far East and South America, in 2014 she decided to return to her beloved homeland to set up KEI KEI STUDIO. Listening, observation and curiosity are the tools that have guided this project where the ‘scrap’ improves its value and evolves into design. She’s always looking for a new life to be given to the paper, fabrics, colors with attention to detail. She argues that in her collections beauty is not a replicable matter, beauty resides silently in the simplicity of each handmade piece, unique and original, just like each of us.. Her work is a refined blend of daily life experiences and passion, in a unique view of the world.


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