Exhibitors 2015



Teap is an app + temperature sensor that helps the user to brew the perfect tea. The user can choose from a range of preset teas, each one with different settings for optimal consumption, as in time of the day, water temperature and steeping time, or can create a custom tea for particular needs.
Once the user selects a tea from the list the app connects to the temperature sensor and tells the user when water temperature is ready for steeping tea, and later calculates the steeping time depending on the tea variety. The app also informs the user about tea health benefits.


Teap Team: Livia Blasi, Anna Rita Mautone, Roberto di Vincenzo, Alfonso Tiberio

Livia Blasi is a student of MSc in Computer Science at La Sapienza, Rome. She is passionate about tea, usability and wombats, but only the first two she presents to the Maker Faire.

Roberto di Vincenzo is a student of Msc in Computer Science at La Sapienza, Rome. He is interested in Big Data and Natural Language Processing.

Anna Rita Mautone is getting her MSc in Computer Science from La Sapienza, Rome. Her interests include Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics and cooking.

Alfonso Tiberio is attending the MSc in Product Design at La Sapienza, Rome. He's currently working on Critical Design and Design Fiction, and having fun with 3d printing.

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