Exhibitors 2015


AURAT it's a team of students that make a robotics shows.
Our strength is the team work that it allowed us to grow up,our passion has involved our hosts subjects in so far as after the experience with niguarda hospital more hospital companies required our show (gaslini in genua,gathered hospitals in ancona).
AURAT it’s intended to ensure a friendly presence in hospital or in volunteering association, giving to sick during the hospitalization,or association guests, human heat and fun
The main goal it’s to minimize the traumatic psycho-affective events linked to baby’s shelter and to start activities of: support,enterteinment and game.


AURAT-I.I.S. "C.Facchinetti"

We are the 4th BINF of I.I.S. "C.Facchinetti" in Castellanza.
We do the Informatics and Telecomunication course.

  C13 - AURAT

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