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Eco dog: un raccogli
Eco dog: un raccogli

Eco dog: un raccogli "pupù" per il tuo cane

Eco dog is a mechanical tool to collect dog droppings. It is a patented tool that performs its function allowing the user to collect the excrement in a hygienic and effortless way. In fact the long handle avoids to bend down your back to pick up the dog dropping. In this way the excrement is always manipulated with small mechanical shovels which combined with a removable bag make the operation completely hygienic. Just this factor makes it possible to consider such a device as a garrison hygiene to protect the health of humans and animals. This tool could also be a convenient support for all ecological operators that do this operation by other means in town or in the parks. This item has been conceived and designed by Mr. Mario Massi and prototyped within the Fablab Pesaro.

Eco dog: un raccogli

Massi Mario e FabLab Pesaro

Massi Mario former administrative public employee, former entrepreneur, software programmer and inventor with the passion of ecology has developed this product having found the difficulties that older people face to respect others by collecting the droppings of your dog.
FabLab Pesaro is recently born in the Technological Centre Cosmob with the intention of creating a connection between the new digital technologies and the know-how that has always characterized the industry of our territory. FabLab Pesaro has the objective of creating innovation and excellence, important elements to generate a real renewal of local manufacture.

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