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cuoresolitario 2.0

cuoresolitario 2.0

' cuoresolitario 2.0 ' is a reimagined in dresser's current realized in 2000 and designed by alessio gismondi and giuseppe cerasoli, what was a simple piece of furniture, it becomes complicit in the daily life of your own home. Through the collaboration of alessio gismondi (faber) and luciano bianchi (arduino maker) simply opening a drawer becomes a playful action.
Voice command of drawer contents, it triggers the opening of the same, so calling ' shirts ' socks ' etc open the drawers with the requested content, without the use of hands.

alessio gismondi, luciano bianchi

It is a well-established bespoke furniture company operating for many years, designing and creating limited edition furniture and accessories with the objective of converting everyday items into evocative pieces. By carefully selecting materials and always aiming at aesthetic and functionalty, unique pieces have been presented in numerous exhibtions and art galleries. For quality of workmanship and finishes employed, this nine piece collection represents the greatest achievement to date of the creativity from *codice-a-barre*. Every item is able to communicate thanks to its shape and material; its veneer will create sensations and associations to the daily reality of the person affected.

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