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Cambiami comes from an idea by Studio D’Arc (Desperate Architects Rome City), an architecture and design practice founded in Rome in 2007 by Rosa Topputo and Alessio Tommasetti, in collaboration with Valentina De Santis.
Cambiami, is a line of sunglasses made by .bijouets using 3D printing technology. It is the result of a desire for an accessory that could be modified and customized, one capable of adapting to the daily mood of each person. Cambiami is a line of glasses with tinted lenses (Carl Zeiss), a basic frame and interchangeable accessories. This makes it possible to create your own glasses, choosing the color of the frame, the arms and the form of the embellishments. The trimmings available are inspired by Italian beauty and they can be used to personalize your sunglasses giving your creativity free rein to produce something truly unique. The basic frame is a classical round model that is intentionally ‘neutral’ and at the same time sophisticated. Cambiami sunglasses are a unique, ironical and original product, designed and produced to dare. The round shape gives the impression of continuity and linearity to those who love a simple look, while the accessories create an intriguing look with a touch of madness with their natural, eccentric and futuristic shapes. 100% Made in Italy



.bijouets began in 2013 as a brand of HSL. A European leader in additive manufacturing, HSL was the first company in Italy to apply this technology. We are pioneers in the use of professional 3D printing to create collections of fashion design.
We view innovative 3D technology with the practised eyes of craftsmen and adapt it to create, design and produce small collections of jewellery and design accessories. Manufacturing excellence is a feature of all our limited editions and one-offs, which we personalize to the very last detail. The unique results represent a crossover between the realms of creativity, fashion and design.
As the flagship of a “soft resolution,” we stretch manufacturing to embrace a new reality. Our preferred model uses flexible, avant-garde technology ideal for small production runs and one-offs to order, all in real time. This new way of creating personal items passes new milestones in its immediacy, innovation and awareness.
So welcome to hi-tech .bijouets, the cosmopolitan fashion brand. Its pioneering collections are conceived for lovers of objects which distil the unknown and break free of blinkered thinking. These little digital sculptures - unique of their kind - draw inspiration from the whole world.

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