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Efesti - Art Makers Store
Efesti - Art Makers Store

Efesti - Art Makers Store

Efesti.com is an e-commerce portal, a window that, thanks to the web, faces directly the stores of the “artists” of craftsmanship. From these unique places it shows the works of the ones who are able to infuse passion and manual talent into their creations.
It provides an information channel, which drives the sharing of the ideas, the material culture and the values embodied by the genius loci.
Efesti is the online shop of excellence craftsmanship, whose products are carefully selected, according to the raw materials and the manufacture technique in order to guarantee unique and high-quality purchases.
From clothing to furniture, from bicycles to ancient books, the web site offers refined artifacts distinguished by a style which is completely handmade in Italy.

Efesti - Art Makers Store

Team Efesti

Efesti.com started up from an idea of Paolo Pasquali (CEO) and Lorenzo Susto (Project manager). During the development of the project professionals with different skills, who now form Efesti’s team, supported them: Chiara Pompa (Editor in Chief), Geraldina Bellipario (Photographer), Pasquale Costantino (Store Manager).
What brings them together is the passion for works and products with a history and a face.

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