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Domenico.cc Digitally fabricated geodesic dome

For the last two years Colaborativa.eu and Fab Lab Limerick have been developing an open-source, low cost and digitally fabricated geodesic dome system. We want anybody to be able to build strong, affordable and locally made geodesic buildings.

In 2013, we developed our first prototype made of bamboo struts and 3d printed connectors. Later, we developed a second iteration using cardboard tubes and digitally fabricated plywood connectors. In Maker Faire Rome we are presenting a 11 meters diameter and 6 meters high version of the system.

Domenico.cc Digitally fabricated geodesic dome

Colaborativa.eu & Fab Lab Limerick

Fab lab Limerick is a space for makers in Limerick City, Ireland; Colaborativa.eu is a design, technology and social action agency based in Córdoba, Spain and Limerick, Ireland

  Geodesic Pavillion - Domenico.cc Geodesic Pavilion

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