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iTòch acoustic amplifier
iTòch acoustic amplifier

iTòch acoustic amplifier

iTòch – un tòch da legn/a piece of wood

What is it?

iTòch is a natural sound system amplifier, optimized for iPhone. It works without any batteries, any power source or type of circuit.
It amplifies the sound.
The particular internal manufacturing allows the sound to flow into a pavilion by amplifying the sound in a natural way.
It improves the sound.
iTòch is entirely made of fir wood that, thanks to its material properties, is able to make the sound less "metallic".
100% natural
It is a completely eco-friendly and handcrafted product.
The name is a clear recall to the origins. Inspired by the piece of wood it is made of, its name derives directly from the translation of the word "piece" that, in the local dialect of Mantua, is "tòch".

iTòch, acoustic amplifier
Nature that eats up technology.... iTòch is a natural acoustic amplifier for iPhone, iPod and all other types of smartphones that amplifies the audio output of about 30% without the use of batteries and circuits.
The basic idea reflects in its name, that is "tòch" which translates from the dialect of our land into "piece"..a real piece of wood. Disappearing completely inside, iPhone leaves space to nature and physics to express and to give back something hi-tech.
The fir, the type of wood used for the construction of iTòch, is able to amplify the sound without altering its quality.
It took nearly three months of tests and studies to obtain an object that was both functional and of design.
This result is due to the efforts of the two brothers that have been able to create and produce iTòch inside their modern joinery.
An object strongly environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly thanks to its customized packaging and brochure entirely realized with recycled paper.
At the end it's just a "piece of wood”/ “un tòch da legn”


iTòch acoustic amplifier


Realizzatori di Idee is a source of ideas and big dose of creativity.
The need to give life to the dreams and design, Davide and Daniele Barbieri created a company size uncommon. A workshop open to creatives, designers and artists, who wants to tell and carry.
Create new objects, think of them, create them, give him a soul is their mission.
Realizzatori di Idee is a new dimension of Made in Italy, made of pure creative pleasure that is alien from the hustle of daily life to give the right answers to today's needs.
Their preferred material ... "wood", a living material and natural that lives in different forms and uses.
Their every piece is unique, 100% natural.

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