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Awesome Shield: Hardware Programming for All!

Once you write code that brings hardware to life, you suddenly realize the world is literally at your fingertips, and anything is possible. With pre-assembled hardware & simplified code, Awesome Shield puts the power of coding in your hands. Pick your path through the online learning platform, learn to program, hardware basics, and related science. Follow your interests at your own pace, building everything from toys & tools to science & art projects. Peripheral kits extend learning to more complex projects. Dig deeper and learn the underlying Arduino code and how to build electronics from scratch.

Awesome Shield: Hardware Programming for All!

Awesome Shield UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

We’re a nerdy trio that started a company in order to bring hardware learning to the world. Our backgrounds are in design, programming, engineering, science, music, and video production. We’re excited to break down barriers to entry, and make coding for hardware more accessible to more people. We love empowering people to understand technology, and build things with code and hardware. We also love telling people about what we’ve learned on our journey from being makers with an idea, to being a company with a near-manufacturable product. We’ve made lots of mistakes, and that means we have lots of learning to share.

  G18 - Awesome Shield: Learning You Can Build On

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