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Fab Economy Exhibit

Fab Economy Exhibit

Fab Economy Exhibit, collects interesting final projects from Fab Academy students, products made in Fab Labs with a global design / local production approach, as well as a number of workshops about processes taught during the Fab Academy course.

Fab Economy Exhibit

Fab Economy

Fab Labs provide local solutions to global problems thanks to an interconnected network of people and knowledge. Fab Economy brings together multiple organisations that believe in the circular economy model and that want to connect business, existing and new, to this global network.

Fab Economy creates opportunities for existing and new labs and individuals, not as an external agent, but as an integral part of this network, whether it is in global design and local fabrication, prototyping services and problem solving or education and professional training.

Fab Economy is the dot com part of the global Fab Lab network, and is trying to make a profit, but with and for the global network. It is run and fueled by people from within the Fab network with experience and solid competences in running Fab Labs and related projects, who wish to sustain not only the network, but the planet as well.

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