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3D Virtual Museum

3D Virtual Museum is a collaborative web portal where can be admired 3D models of artworks from Italian museums and where can be downloaded the STL file of each artwork for 3D printing.
3D Virtual Museum hosts over one hundred of artworks, freely viewable by computer and smartphone, freely downloadable with a license CC-BY-NC and anyone can contribute by uploading and sharing their 3D models.

3D Virtual Museum

Giulio Bigliardi, Sofia Menconero

Giulio Bigliardi is working on training, digital technologies and online dissemination in the field of Cultural Heritage. In the last few years he has intensified the use of free and open source technologies applied in this field. He has especially focused on 3D survey, 3D printing and digital fabrication techniques.
Sofia Menconero is an architect specialized in technologies applied to Cultural Heritage. She mainly focuses on 3D survey and 3D modeling, and actively supports the cause of open source since 2014 through the activities of the 3D ArcheoLab project. She collaborates with the University of Perugia and Florence on research and teaching, and with private technical and architectural design studios on a variety of professional activities.

  W8 - 3D ArcheoLab

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