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Roboticsness: gymnasium mentis
Roboticsness: gymnasium mentis

Roboticsness: gymnasium mentis

The project is a "hands on minds on" peer education activity: Liceo Pepe's students become tutors of experimental physics, through the use of robots Lego Mindstorm EV3.
The goal is to show that the laws of physics are used to understand, describe and control the world around us
The project aims to provide educational and recreational activities based on the Deming Cycle PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)
1. PLAN (analysis of the problem and the theoretical model)
2. DO (construction and programming of the robot, experiment)
3. CHECK (data logging, analysis of graphs, results, variances)
4. ACT (processing results and applications of any corrective)

Roboticsness: gymnasium mentis


The Working Group consists of students from the State and from classes From the first to the fourth of the High School . A heterogeneous group , but highly motivated , in which working experience has been focused on innovation and "a more attractive" learning model. Characterizing element , the presence of female students ( 50 % of the working group )

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