Exhibitors 2015

Monkey PI

Our aim is to provide a cheap personal computer for kids, that also allows to take the first steps into electronics.
This is why we're building Monkey PI, a monkey shaped 11 inch Raspberry 2 powered PC. The Monkey's tail contains LEDs, a buzzer, a potentiometer and some sensors attached to the raspberry gpio pins, and a small breadboard ready for experiment.
A possible development is to attract sponsors to make this machine available in schools and community centers, possibly produced locally by fablabs.
This will be one of the pilot projects of the "Made in a FabLab" initiative organized by Fab Economy, focused on creating globally designed / locally produced products.

Monkey PI

Fab Lab Toscana

Fab Lab Toscana is an experiment of building a distributed Fab Lab across a whole region. It was started off the ground of existing nodes in the Fab Lab network, including Fab Lab Cascina and Fab Lab Contea and aims to bring digital fabrication all over the Tuscany region.

  X9 - FabEconomy

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