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springlift : maker's standing desk

Springlift [see makespringlift.com] is a project to enable anyone to build his or her own fully customized sit-and-stand desk using simple, easily accessible tools and components. A novel desk design and a fully functioning product have been developed.

One of the advantages of the new design over designs currently dominating the market is that the new design does not include desktop break handles or levers. A customizable 3d model and fabrication details are available.

During fabrication, drilling holes into stainless steel is the only task that requires a machine tool (drill press), everything else can be done with simple manual tools like a saw or file. The components that are maybe the least easy to acquire are a pulley and springs, still easily available in plenty of shops.

springlift : maker's standing desk

Balazs Torma

Balazs Torma, PhD is a software developer, generative artist and variety enthusiast. Always building something. Something different.

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