Exhibitors 2015


atom II is small and cute you can't really but love him .
Since his inception in 2013, he has provided more and more pleasure and fun . in short one day he will become your friend with a mechatronic heart . the shape of humanoid and his interactivity makes him lovable and appealing.
Thanks to this size AtomII can be used in various sectors ; search , teaching , entertainment , health and in the work place .
He can help or replace humans in dangerous situations such as defusing bombs , monitoring areas not suitable for the human safety and he also gives hope to paraplegics , assisting them in their daily activities . atom II is only able to understand and learn new things , thanks to its artificial intelligence and thanks to the algorithm coded in its soul.



SuperDiodo team founded in 2013 by Amedeo D'Angelo. A team that makes technology development their lifestyle. Team specializes mainly in designing robotics, what leads them to make technological developments in diverese area (such as electronics, computer science and mechanics): All products are designed, engineered and manufactured entirely by members of the team. Our motto is "The only limit is our imagination."

  R4 - ATOM II

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