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Fisarmonica Magica
Fisarmonica Magica

Fisarmonica Magica

The magic accordion, is able to open and close, take their keys and play alone, as if there was an invisible man behind him. And is able to play any piece of music.

Fisarmonica Magica

Alvaro Passeri


1963 - At age 13, I began to paint oil paintings.
1964 - I studied music and played the clarinet for three years in a band.
1966 - I studied electronics at the time of vacuum tubes.
1970 - I graduated in sculpture at the Art Institute of Rome.
1973 - I started working in film as a sculptor.
1982 - I started doing special effects (animals, monsters, corpses, etc.) for many hundreds of film.
1983 - I built a small film studio, where I started to shoot special effects sequences.
1985 - I opened the visual effects department.
1990 - I produced and directed five films at low cost in English language, for the Asian market.
2010 - I am dedicated to musical robotics and many other applications of fantasy.

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